I live in Rural Indiana. I am not racist, I am not a misogynist, I am not homophobic, nor am I a bigot. I am tired of being called one on TV every-time I watch MSNBC, CNN or read the Washington or NY Times. I am from Rural America, and I am tired of it. I stood by Trump because my only other choice was Clinton who would just bring more of the same. It seems the City and Urban folk forgot we were here.


It's a simple principle, if you call me names, I am not going to vote for you. I probably wouldn't have even voted had it not been for the Media pushing this violent agenda. I have to much work to do to take the time to stand in line. You burn cars and break windows in the cities, you want your safe spaces but you cause destruction. This "Mate" says it well:

I could never vote for a candidate that supports this kind of destruction. This has been going on for way too long and would have continued under a Clinton Administration. This will never get their candidate elected, on the contrary people doing this is why Donald Trump is president. I didn't vote for the Republican candidate, I voted for someone that will hopefully stop this shit:

Bernie Sanders would have lost by an even larger margin. Why you ask? Because he thinks Riots and Terrorism is the way to cause change. Why where these "Criminals" not arrested and forced to pay for the damage they did to property? Where are the Police? Why don't they stop it? Because this is the Clinton and Bernies America, not mine. If this continues, it will only assure that we will vote again in four years for someone that will stop it.



  • Justin Herbaugh (consulting forester)  
    I love this! I will openly admit I voted Trump. I was not a supporter of the messenger, but am of the message. Obviously like many others, I am sick and tired of the status quo and career politicians. I have been encouraged at what I've heard out of him since his win and am hopeful and optimistic that he may do more "good" for our country than we have seen in a long time.

    Thanks for sharing this.
  • james fairfield  
    hi my name is James and i am from the uk i think people are too harsh on rural americans and people seem to stereotype you guys too much and at the end of the day your just like eveyone else and where you live shouldn't matter and by the way nice app
    • Zariel  
      The genius store caeldl, they're running out of you.
    • kenny  
      hi i live in England and i live in north leeds. like your web page and its really nice where you live. where i live is very similar to you're countryside and rural way of life
  • Dave  
    Didn't vote for Trump.
    I liked the message but do not like the man. Just didn't feel he was the person to initiate the change needed to get this country back on track.
    Didn't think Clinton was either but just felt she was the safer pick.
    Lesser of two evils I guess.
    Every time I think about what a Trump presidency means to this country I think that maybe some good can come out of this. Maybe he's the guy who finally gets it.
    But then I remember that Trump the man is in charge and that scares the hell out of me.
    Don't get wrong I hope he hits it out of the park for a grand slam.
    My gut feeling is he isolates us from the rest of the world with his politics and we end up much worse then we are.
  • Jerry Nelson  
    No one called you names -- except Trump and HE called you "uneducated."

    I'm not surprised to see so many Trump supporters having buyer's remorse. They are starting to see they were sold a bill of goods.

    Think Trump cares about you? Yeah. Ok. Show me some sources on which you base your claim.
  • Magda  
    It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and provides pragamtisdc solutions.
  • SortingHat  
    Just want to point you have valid points but most people believe that saying things like "Why back in the old days we used to string hommies up by the flagpole!" is a racist remark.

    Sites like GLP or worse yet Storm Front is full of those types of posts and sad thing is they think they are being funny when only a few fake friends are laughing.

    BTW: America needs some isolation as a time out instead of charging like a bull into the global system game the masters who are controlling it want.

    Trump is the monkey all right but he is NOT dancing to the tune of the organ grinder and it's making the elite scared as they don't know where and what to plan their next chess piece move as THEY don't know which gear Trump will shift into.

    They could move their pawns all one way and Trump will do something totally unexpected.

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